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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A box of Donruss Hockey from about a week ago.

Just to show I don't just do baseball cards. I used to be a huge hockey fan pre-strike by strayed away since then. I've been slowly getting back in to the groove and with a bunch of nice products and a new player the the hockey card game this year with Panini America (Donruss) making cards I've had a bunch of products to choose from.

I really like the look of the base cards and rookie in the first edition of Donruss Hockey. They look clean and crisp and they done a great job with the photography.  The inserts are awesome looking.  My favorite is the Ice Kings set and the Goalie acetate cards are a close second.  For the GU and autograph hits I ended up doing very well and had no complaints other than I didn't get an autograph but the Taylor Hall RC jersey made it for that. 

Here are some scans:

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