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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lousy pack wars luck but some nice cards. Hockey edition.

I just got back from the Thursday night pack wars at Price's Sports Cards. I didn't have much luck getting any big hits but came out with a few nice cards.  The shop didn't have a lot to choose from the the Hockey department this time. Hockey is a slow seller here for the most part so I'm happy with what I can get sometimes.

First up was some 2010-11 Score hockey packs.  Panini America brought back the Score brand from the dead.  For a $1.00 per pack it's a steal for the price. The photography is good and getting one glossy card per pack is a nice addition. I ended up getting 2 Hot Rookies out of 3 packs and 1 Playoff Heroes insert. I was hoping for a Snoglobe insert but no luck this time.

The other hockey round we did 2009-10 Upper Deck series one since they where out of 2010-11 for now.
These shop was selling packs tonight for $2.50 a pack so it was another great rip for the price. The one thing Upper Deck hockey always has going for it is the photography. The images always look great and with the glossy coating on the cards makes them really pop.

I ended up with 2 Young Guns and a Martin Brodeur Hockey Heroes insert. I also scanned in the Ryan Miller base card to show off the great photography.

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  1. The hockey addition cards are very well and amazing. Its color printing is very graceful and very shine. Really cute cards.